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IMSE's Comprehensive Literature Collection

Item #: R9000


Buzzy the Bumblebee, The Wedding of Q & U, How are You Peeling?, and Noisy Poems are IMSE’s favorite books to use with students to teach concepts that are covered in IMSE’s Comprehensive training. 


Buzzy the Bumble Bee by Denise Brennan Nelson

Buzzy the Bumblebee is a motivating and heartwarming tale for all ages, of Buzzy overcoming obstacles without his wings. IMSE loves using Buzzy the Bumblebee to teach "b" to students. 32 pages.


The Wedding of Q & U by Denise Dillon-Hreha 

This book is geared for children in the early elementary grades. Young readers and spellers will have a creative way to remember the spelling of Q & U. From the adorable, colorful illustrations, to the teachable moments throughout this book, teachers will love to share this story with their students. 45 pages. 


Noisy Poems Edited by Jill Bennett and Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

Sssssshhhhh....this book is full of intriguing sounds, such as spaghetti being sucked, a train on the train, a thunderstorm, and even the sound of a big yak. IMSE recommends using Noisy Poems to teach -ing, -ang, -ung, and -ong.  32 pages


Queen Bee Needs to Be Free by Laura Appleton-Smith and Illustrated by Preston Neel

When a bee colony becomes overcrowded, the queen bee's instinct tells her that she must swarm, leaving her nest to a new queen and establishing a new colony herself.   

Target Letter-Sound Correspondences: Single long vowels and patterns consolidation: /?/ a; /?/ e; /?/ i, igh & patterns ild, ight; /?/ o&patterns old, ost; /?/ and /??/ u_e