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Reading, Phonics, and Spelling
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Recipe for Reading Workbooks
By Connie Russo and Shirli Kohn

These workbooks follow the Recipe for Reading sequence and provide reinforcement.

Workbook K: k, d, g, m, l, h, t, j, k, p, b ,r, f, n, s, w, y, v, z, qu, Short vowels o, a, i, u, e
Workbook 1: hard c (/k/) and short vowels a, o, i, and u
Workbook 2: short vowel e, sh, th, w, wh, y, and qu
Workbook 3: compound words, the floss rule, VC/CV syllable division, initial and final
consonant blends, two-syllable words using consonant blends, vowel -ng, and vowel -nk
Workbook 4: magic-e, the VV digraph rule, ea as long e, oa, ai, ee, ay, and oe
Workbook 5: suffixes, final consonant-le, and final consonant-y
Workbook 6: suffixes, V/CV syllable division, and spelling guidelines
Workbook 7: suffixes, the VCV spelling rule, digraphs, affixes, and roots
Workbook 8: tion, sion, ow, ea, oo, ou, ch, s (is), spelling Affixes
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RS1119Workbook K$12.990
RS1120Workbook 1$12.990
RS1130Workbook 2$12.990
RS1140Workbook 3$12.990
RS1150Workbook 4$12.990
RS1160Workbook 5$12.990
RS1170Workbook 6$12.990
RS1180Workbook 7$12.990
RS1185Workbook 8$12.990
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